what to Expect

The King’s Glory Church in King’s Lynn is a family of welcoming, loving people from various walks of life experiencing Christ and growing in faith, therefore you’ll find people to connect with. We make our church meetings uplifting, transformational, practical, relevant and fun.

If you are just exploring the Christian faith you are welcome to visit too, we hope you will experience God one day at a time.

…Just come as you are, the church is not for perfect people


Thinking about dropping by at TKG Church? Got a few questions in your mind? No worries! We’ve tried to cover the most common ones right here. If your question is not covered here contact us.

What is the music like?

The worship music is energetic and reflective, comprising contemporary and traditional gospel music. Check out our YouTube page.

Do you have classes for Children?

The Light Club is the TKG Church Children’s Church. There are several classes grouped according to age range. Check out The Light Club page below.

What do you have for teenagers?

CYC is a fun and safe place for Christian Youth to connect and hang out. Check CYC's Page for upcoming hangout dates

How should I dress?

Feel free to dress in a way that makes you comfortable, whether it's flamboyant, conservative, casual, or smart. Our hope is that individual attire won't draw attention away from our values. Just come as you are, you are welcome.

where can I park my car?

There is an ample car park in front of the Church Building and some other spaces around the building.

Do you have a church bus?

We understand that public transport can be tricky on Sundays and nights. We have a Church bus that can take people to Church and back from designated bus stops.

Our Values